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Bath & Body Works Haul

Hey Belleza’s,

Is anyone stuck in these crappy snowstorms like me? I never thought I would say this, but I’m so ready for spring.

Last week, Bath and Body Works posted a new candle scent on their Facebook page. As soon as I saw it I just knew I had to run to the store to go smell it. So the next day after work, I went in and it was love at first smell!

I’m a HUGE doughnut lover! Other than the raspberry filled Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I love the mini powder and cinnamon sugar doughnuts by Tastykake! It’s sad, I can eat a whole box by myself, my co-workers have witness this several times. LOL

Guess what?! The Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut candle by Bath and Body Works, smells just like the Mini Cinnamon Sugar doughnuts by Tastykake!

I ended up purchasing one Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut candle, one Market Peach candle (smells amazing) and a Sweet Shop Pedestal. Then when I got home I went online and purchased two more Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut candles, another Sweet Shop Pedestal, a bunch of hand soaps that were on sale for $3 each, and a mini pack of antibacterial sanitizers.

Check out my haul:

2014-02-12 18.39.272014-02-12 18.40.112014-02-12 18.40.17(Aren’t the pedestals cute!) 

Deep Cleansing Hand Soap:

2014-02-12 18.42.17(Orange Creamsicle Swirl, Fresh Honeydew Lemonade, Mango Paradise, Sugar Berry Shortcake)

Gentle Foaming Hand Soap:

2014-02-12 18.43.17(Orange Creamsicle Swirl, Fresh Honeydew Lemonade, Mango Paradise, Sugar Berry Shortcake)

Pocketbac Sanitizers:

2014-02-12 18.45.06(Sugar Berry Shortcake, Orange Creamsicle Swirl, Pink Vanilla Macaron, Fresh Honeydew Lemonade, Lemon Chiffon Tart)

Everything smells AMAZING! I lit the Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut candle yesterday for the first time and my room smells delicious like a bakery. My daughter came in asking me if I was hiding desserts in my room. LOL

Have you tried/smelled these scents yet? If so, which one is your favorite?

Which one should I pick up next?

3-Wick Candle – $22.50

3-Wick Candle Pedestal – $9.50

Deep Cleansing Hand Soap – $5.50

Gentle Foaming Hand Soap – $5.50

5-Pack Pocketbac Sanitizers- $5.00

*Due to the sale, the candles were 2 for $25 and the hand soaps were $3 each. I saved an additional 20% with a coupon I had.

Belleza Kisses: 5/5