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Long Lush Lashes w/ Bellimisa Masterful Eyes Mascara

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 Bellimisa Masterful Eyes Mascara

Hey Belleza’s

I remember when I first got into makeup; I used to hate mascara with a passion. Thankfully that phase didn’t last long at all! Once I realized how mascara can take your makeup from wow to WOW it has become a product that I cannot live without.

I’ve tried so many mascaras (I’m sure you have as well) and have found that not all mascaras are created equal. My problem with most of the mascaras I’ve tried is that they always end up smudging under my eyes, even some of the so-called waterproof mascaras. Thankfully I’ve found a few mascaras that don’t give me any problems and now I can add another mascara to that list.

Masterful Eyes Mascara by Bellimisa is free of Parabens, DEA (diethanolamine), TEA (triethanolamine), Propylene Glycol and harmful preservatives. What does that mean? It means that this mascara is actually good for you especially for those that have sensitive eyes. I recently had a health scare with my eyes and now I’m super aware of the things that go on it, in it and around it. Not only is this mascara safe to use but it is also enriched with Vitamin E – an antioxidant & lash conditioner and Peptide – enhances growth and restructuring of the lash.

Don’t you hate when you use mascara and your lashes become stiff and brittle? Definitely not an issue with the Masterful Eyes Mascara; I’ve been using this mascara for about 2 weeks now and I love it! It lengthens, defines and adds volume to my lashes while keeping them soft and natural looking. Plus, I haven’t had any problems with it smudging underneath my eyes.

Bellimisa Masterful Eyes Mascara

Another unique thing about Masterful Eyes Mascara is that it’s part of a subscription service.  I love this concept because you’ll never be left looking for mascara when you run out. PLUS, mascara is a product that has to be replaced frequently due it constantly being exposed to bacteria and oxygen. There are two different subscriptions Monthly ($16) and Bi-Monthly ($16 twice a month). If you don’t want to sign-up for the subscription then you can purchase the Masterful Eyes Mascara for $28. As you can see, you’ll save more money by doing the monthly subscription. Looking to save even more money? I’ll be providing a special discount code at the end of this post.

Bellimisa Masterful Eyes Mascara

I’m really glad I got the opportunity to try out this mascara! I love the formula, I love that my lashes feel soft and I love that I can have it automatically delivered each month. I’ll definitely be signing up for a monthly subscription because I’m notorious for forgetting to replace my mascaras. Anyone else have the same problem? If so, you’ll definitely want to look into signing up. 

Bellimisa Masterful Eyes Mascara

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