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Dove™ Hair – Love Your Hair Campaign

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dove™ Hair.


Hey Belleza’s

Let’s talk about hair…long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair and etc.; 9 times out of 10 we all want hair that we weren’t born with. After relaxing my hair for 22 years, I wish that I had learned from an early age to love my natural hair. That although my hair didn’t look like everyone else’s, I would one day appreciate the hair I was born with.

Fast-forward to now, I’m now a mother of three amazing kids. One of those kids is a beautiful 11 year old girl (Destinee) that was born with beautiful curly hair. Over the years her curly hair has changed dramatically. When she was younger her curly hair was soft and silky and now it’s super thick and a bit coarse. Destinee is now at the age where she wants to do her own hair. Learning how to do her hair has always been a challenge.

She has mentioned several times that she wished she had my hair and that she hates her hair. Hearing her say that truly breaks my heart. I wish she could see through my eyes just how beautiful her hair is. Which is why I always make it a point to tell her that her hair is beautiful and that when she gets older she’ll learn to appreciate the hair she was blessed with.

This is the main reason why I’m glad for the opportunity to partner with Dove™ Hair for their #LoveYourHair campaign. This campaign was created to bring awareness to mothers on how & why they should talk to their daughters about embracing the hair that they were born with. Dove™ Hair  has created a website where people can make special mother/daughter  pictures with personalized texts and images that they can share on social media.

Too often we (myself included) easily fall for the social standard of what “beautiful hair” is. With lots of  younger children having access to social media accounts these days, they start to become pressured at an early age on how their hair should look. It’s time for us moms to speak up. Speak up and let our daughters know at an early age that their hair is good enough, that their hair is beautiful and that their hair doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s for it to be considered beautiful. If my daughter wants to dye her hair every color of the rainbow when she gets older, then I’m totally okay with it as long as she is doing it for her self and not trying to “fit in”.

Love your hair campaign

We as mothers can make a huge impact and ensure that are daughters are growing up feeling confident. So let’s celebrate the beauty of her hair today, so that she can celebrate the beauty of her hair tomorrow. While we’re teaching her to embrace her hair, let’s not forget to show her that we as mother’s are embracing our hair as well.

Like I stated earlier, I’m just now starting my journey to love my own hair for what it is. So, I’m glad that me and Destinee will be taking this journey together. There are many ways we can teach our daughters to love their hair. One of the many ways is by finding a favorite hair style that they love. My daughter loves to wear her hair with two braids going down the front side of her hair and then gathering it up into a ponytail. When she wants to wear it down (which is not very often) she likes one braid going to the side.


Do you have a daughter? How will  you be teaching her to love her natural hair? Inspire her to love her hair so that she can do the same. You can get started by creating your own animated picture. I’m certain she’ll love it as much as mine did.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dove™ Hair.


Dove™ Love Your Hair Campaign

Dove™ Love Your Hair Campaign