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FOREO LUNA 2 – How Different is it From the LUNA?

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Hey Belleza’s

We all know by now just how important taking care of our skin is. I have recently changed up my skincare routine just a bit with the products that I’m using. However, I have one item that I don’t ever plan on changing…my FOREO LUNA! In fact, I made a post on Instagram a while back stating that I won’t stop using it unless it’s to upgrade. Well, that moment has arrived and I am now the proud owner of the FOREO LUNA 2.

I’ve been using the LUNA 2 for a few weeks and have noticed some significant improvements with my skin; however, are those improvements worth upgrading from your original LUNA? Perhaps you’re just wondering what the difference is between the original LUNA and the LUNA 2? Or maybe you’re unsure of which one to purchase. Don’t worry, I got you covered.

The LUNA 2 comes in 4 colors; each color represents the type of skin it should be used on. I have the color Cyan, the brush head is specifically designed to thoroughly deep cleanse oily skin. They also have Lavender (sensitive skin), Pink (normal skin) and Blue (combination skin).  The original LUNA came in 3 colors; Blue (combination skin), Pink (sensitive skin) and White (ultra-sensitive skin).

Foreo Luna 2 - How Different is it From the Luna?

One of the major improvements that I noticed right away about the LUNA 2 is the brush head and the anti-aging mode areas. Both areas are 50% bigger than the original LUNA. This to me means that you’ll get twice the amount of cleaning action and you’ll be able to cleanse larger areas at a time.

Foreo Luna 2 - How Different is it From the Luna?
Side by side of the original LUNA and the LUNA 2

The bristles are said to be longer; however, I can’t really compare it to the LUNA I have because it’s for sensitive skin (the bristles are different for each skin type). When the LUNA originally came out they only had the three options mentioned above, so there really wouldn’t have been anything to compare the bristles of my LUNA 2 to. Taking a look at the pictures of the other devices (both new and old) I did notice that the bristles are actually completely different. While the other devices have more rounded shape bristles, the LUNA 2 for oily skin has bar like bristles. This unique shape along with the T-Sonic pulsations helps to deep cleanse skin.

Foreo Luna 2 - How Different is it From the Luna?

Foreo Luna 2 - How Different is it From the Luna?

Foreo Luna 2 - How Different is it From the Luna?
Original LUNA (Sensitive Skin)

What are T-Sonic pulsations? T-Sonic pulsations are basically the heart and soul of the LUNA’s; both LUNA’s have up to 8,000 pulsations per minute. While the original LUNA had 8 adjustable settings to control the intensity of T-Sonic pulsations; the LUNA 2 has 12 adjustable setting plus a motor that is now twice as powerful. I did play around with all the speeds and all I can say is WOW! The LUNA 2 goes from very gentle to very powerful. Just imagine all the oil, dirt and makeup in your pores being pushed out of your skin.  Sounds like it may be a bit uncomfortable right? Well guess what; even at its highest speed the LUNA 2 is still very gentle on your face.

Another thing I love are the changes they made to the anti-aging mode! It’s a lot bigger which makes it easier to use and to apply products. I’ve been using it with my Strivectin Pore Refiner and it makes the product so much more effective than using my fingers.

Foreo Luna 2 - How Different is it From the Luna?

Foreo Luna 2 - How Different is it From the Luna?

After using the LUNA 2 for the past few weeks I definitely noticed a notable difference in the texture of my skin as well as with the size of my pores. The texture is a lot smoother; my pores are cleaner and appear smaller than before! My breakouts have been under control, even during that time of the month.

Are the new improvements worth upgrading from your original LUNA? – In my opinion YES.

Not sure which LUNA to purchase? – Definitely go for the LUNA 2, it does cost a few more dollars more than the original; however, all the upgrades are totally worth it. 

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