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Hey Bellezas,

I’m sure by now the majority of you have dabbled in hair extensions. Those of you know that not all hair extensions are made equally. Some extensions excessively shed, some get easily tangled and there are some that are just horrible all together.

Thankfully, these extensions from #HairFleek have none of the above problems! If you’re in the market for new hair extensions, then you may want to add #HairFleek on your list of brands to try next. Not only do they offer clip-in extensions but they also offer bundled hair for those looking to make wigs or looking to get a sew-in.


What I love about these extensions is that they are full from top to bottom and are super soft and silky! I literally could not stop running my fingers through them, plus they had very minimal shedding. Normally with other extensions after you curl them, you can’t run your fingers through them without them getting tangled (well at least a few that I tried before). However, with these extensions I could run my fingers through the curls and the curls even stayed in place (check out this video on IG)

I’m typically the type of person that can get a bit careless about my belongings. The fact that I tend to throw my hair extensions around and not carefully place them away is probably the reason that they don’t last. I even got a bit careless with these ( I really put these to the test) and they surprisingly did not turn into the dreaded pile of knots!  They even provide you with a pretty silky case to keep them in, to ensure that you keep them in great condition.

I have the Clip-In Hair Extensions (which I always tend to be drawn to) in the color 1B Natural Black. The hair is a really great quality, it’s 100% silky straight human hair. It has a total weight 140 grams. The length of the hair is 20 inches and has a total of 7 pieces: (1) 8 inch weft section with 4 clips, (1) 7 inch weft section with 4 clips, (3) 6 inch weft sections with 3 clips and (2) 4 inch weft sections with 2 clips.

The clips on the extensions are very durable and they grip securely onto your hair. So you don’t have to worry about it falling out of place with the slightest touch. Even though they grip on securely, they are not over gripping your hair. Over gripping can tend to cause headaches and that can make you want to rip them out. They also were not heavy at all and blended perfectly with my hair. When my mom saw me she said that if she didn’t know any better she would have thought that it was really my hair. I love these extensions so much and they were so comfortable that I was actually able to sleep with them in!


Overall, I’m really loving this hair and recommend them to anyone looking into purchasing extensions. Compared to other brands out there these extensions are pretty affordable. I would really love to get a few bundles next time around, so that I can get my first sew-in. I’ll be turning 34 in a few days, so I’m in need of a bit of a makeover. Time for me to shake things up a bit! LOL

Be sure to check out their blog for tips and ideas. Also, give them a follow on their social media sites: Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

#HairFleek Clip-In Extensions – $129 (Currently on sale for $100!)

Belleza Kisses: 5/5



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