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HiMirror – A Hi-Tech Mirror That Analyzes Your Skin?

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Hey Belleza’s

This is not my first time saying this; however, I’m obsessed with hi-tech gadgets. Especially when those hi-tech gadgets are merged with beauty products!  This is why I’m super excited to be able to share with you my experience with the HiMirror

hi-tech mirror

What exactly is the HiMirror? The HiMirror is an ingenious mirror that analyzes your skin, tells you what your problem areas are, how to improve those problem areas and tracks your progress every day. Basically, it’s like having an in-home beauty consultant that lives in your mirror, but not just any mirror. A mirror that takes high quality pictures of your face. The HiMirror weighs about 5.5 lbs, has an HD camera (with a security cover), has facial recognition, voice login and is very sleek looking. You can operate the mirror with either hand gestures or by voice commands. Plus you can “carry” your HiMirror around with you because it connects to an app on your phone! Pretty cool right?!

To use this smart beauty mirror you have to make sure that it is first installed correctly. It is recommednedhey recommend that you either hang it up on a wall or a large bathroom mirror. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment and putting holes in the walls is a huge no-no.  I could have attached it to my bathroom mirror; however, the lighting is horrible and I was worried that the kids might mess it up somehow. So I took a genius idea from a fellow blogger and set my mirror up on my makeup table. I did this by using a picture easel frame.  Literally took me less than 2 minutes to put it up.

hi-tech mirror

TIP: If you decide to use this method, I do recommend using glue dots to ensure that your mirror doesn’t slip out.

One of the main reasons that I was super excited to give this mirror a try is because my skin has been going crazy lately. I don’t know if it’s from age or from weight gain but it seems  as though the products I’ve used only work for a while and then stop.  However, after including this mirror in my daily beauty routine, I now know that I wasn’t using the correct products aimed towards my specific skin issues.


The HiMirror analyzes your skin by focusing in on the following categories: Clarity, Healthiness, Firmness Texture and Brightness. It then breaks down each category and scores it from 0-100 to show you what needs to be improved:  Pores, Dark Circles, Dark Spots, Red Spots, Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Complexion.  It even outlines the areas in your photos showing you where the problem areas are located (eeek!). Each time you use the mirror it will compare your new picture to your original picture. Then it will show if your skin has had any improvements or if it’s taking a step back in the wrong direction. This helps to let you know if the products you are using are working or not.

When I first used the mirror it advised me that my goal for the next 90 days (can’t wait to see what improvementsI have if any) is to work on my Clarity. It also stated that these are my main problem areas: Pores, Dark Spots, Fine Lines and Wrinkles (Oh my!).

hi-tech mirror

With the amount of skin care products the majority of us have, it’s important to keep track of them so that we know if they are effective or not. Easily keep track of your products by using the “My Beauty Box” feature of the mirror. You can add products here by either scanning them in or by entering them in manually.

When I went to scan my products in, I realized that none of them have barcodes (note to self, keep original packaging for future products) so I had to enter each of them manually. This can be done by taking a picture of the product.  I have to admit, it was a bit of a hassle because it was a bit hard for the camera to focus in on the product. The process would be easier if  there was a way to take the picture via the app; however, the app only allows for the products to be scanned in with a barcode.

hi-tech mirror

Speaking of cool features, the HiMirror has quite a few of them. For instance, you can listen to internet radio (one of my favorite features because I LOVE music), you can use it to track your weight (with the Smart Body Scale), it can be used as a plain mirror, it tells you the time, weather & provides news updates from around the world… Another great feature is that up to 4 people can use the mirror.

hi-tech mirror

“I haven’t used the Smart Body Scale yet, but will be do so at the beginning of the year.”

Do I love this mirror? YES! I’m very insecure about my skin, so I love the fact that I can have my skin analyzed in the comfort of my own home.

Are there things a few things about it it that I’m not crazy about? Yes. For instance the power cord is a bit short, I hope that in the future they will supply a cord that is longer. In the mean time it can be fixed by using an extension cord. The hand gestures can become a bit tiresome. Especially when the mirror is not picking up your hand motions. I would LOVE to see a touch screen option offered. It would also be cool if you could personalize the screensaver.

hi-tech mirror

If you’re a skincare lover then I definitely recommend this mirror. The features are amazing and they are still rolling out more features and software updates to make this mirror even better. I’m telling you guys this hi-tech mirror will be a huge game changer in the beauty industry.

This post as been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

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