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Jesse’s Girl Highlight & Contour Kit – Review & Swatches

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Hey Belleza’s

I think it’s safe to say that the highlight and contour trend is not going away anytime soon. There are so many highlight and contour kits on the market that it’s pretty hard to choose one. Let alone choose a quality one that’s in an affordable price range. Luckily Jesse’s Girl has us covered with their Highlight and Contour Kit. highlight and contour kits

  highlight and contour kits

This kit comes with four highlight shades and four contour shades to slay you to perfection. Each shade is velvety-smooth and has great pigmentation. I love that it offers a lot of versatility with each of the shades.

highlight and contour kits

Starting with the first highlight shade it’s a pearl like shade with an iridescent finish. This color ( I do wish it had a name or number) is great for getting that beautiful glow. You can lay it on lightly for a more natural glow or you can keep building it up for that glow you to be seen from a mile away.

The second highlight shade, I would describe more as a light setting powder. This is a flat color and has no shimmer to it at all. You can use this to set your under eye concealer and or use to perfect your eyebrows.

Now the third highlight shade definitely screams banana powder to me. I absolutely love using this and find it perfect on my skin tone.

The last highlight shade is just like the first one; however, it’s more of a champagne color. I love, love,love this shade!

highlight and contour kits

Moving on to the contour shades! I’m far from an expert (still learning how to contour away my new double chin); but I LOVE contouring. It’s the one thing I look forward to when getting ready in the morning.

On my skin tone, the first shade would be more of a bronzer shade. Great for when I just want to add some warmth to my face.

The next shade is a tad bit darker than the first and has an ever so slight shimmer to it. Although, it’s a bit darker I find that it has a peach undertone to it (at least on me). Because of this, when used very lightly it can pass as a blush.

I love using the third contour shade! It’s my go to for an everyday slight contour. highlight and contour kits

Now this last shade is literally perfection! I use this when I want to chisel my face to perfection.

highlight and contour kits

Overall, the Jesse’s Girl Highlight and Contour Kit is truly a great palette, especially since it’s priced at $12.99! The shades are so versatile, build-able and blend with complete ease. I just love how I don’t have to sit there working super hard to blend out my contour. I have swatched this on different skin tones and can say matter of factly that this can work on different skin tones.

Have you had the chance to try out it out? If so, how did you like it? If not, do you think you would give this a try?

Thank you so much Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics for sending me this product to review!
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 highlight and contour kits

Jesse’s Girl Highlight and Contour Kit – Review & Swatches