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Long Gorgeous Hair with Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

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Hey Belleza’s

When I’m ready for a different look, the first thing I reach for are hair extensions. I just love the “instaglam” when wearing them.

I used to wear extensions just about every day, but the extensions I had started to heavily shed, as well as started to noticeably thin out. So while I was on the hunt for new extensions and reading tons of reviews on different brands I was contacted by Irresistible Me. The timing could not have been any better! After reading many positive reviews of their extensions, I decided to give them a try.



I received the package rather quickly (surprising because it was shipped from China) and as soon as I opened it the first thing that stuck out to me was how it was packaged. The hair came in a long pouch that was sectioned off in two parts. The big part had all of the extensions and then there was a smaller part that had one single extension. The reason it was done like this is to ensure that you selected the right color and the right length.

So you simply open the part that has the single extension make sure that the color and length are correct. If not, DON’T open the part that has all the extensions or you will not be able to exchange/return them. Once you are 100% sure that they are just right, then you can open the rest of the package.

I decided to go with the 24in 200G Royal Remy Extensions in Royal Natural Black (1b), because I wanted to have super long, thick and voluptuous hair. The reason I chose this is because I liked the idea of having my hair thick from the top to the bottom. Plus, they add a unique special treatment to the hair that keeps them extra silky and durable.



They weren’t lying when they said this hair would be silky! Just looking at the picture you can almost feel the silkiness coming through.


I received a total of 10 nice thick wefts of hair along with 3 extra clips. I was actually surprised at how many clip-ins I received because the extensions I previously had only came with 6 clip-in pieces.





There were 2 – 1 clip extensions,  5 – 2 clip extensions, 2 -3 clip extensions and 1 – 4 clip extension. 


The first thing I did when I took the hair out of the package was to brush them. Why you ask? I wanted to see how much they were going to shed, because no matter how thick, silky and beautiful they are, if they shed a lot they are not going to last too long. Glad to say that these babies had very minimal shedding.

Installing them was super easy and I love how secure the clips felt in my hair. I didn’t really need to tease my hair to in order for the clips to stay put. However, I did because I wasn’t really used to having my hair super long and thick.

I’ll be honest; trying to curl these was a bit of a struggle. Not because there was something wrong with the hair, but because I’m not used to working with very long hair. But once I did a few pieces I got the hang of it. I do want to note that since these extensions are very thick you will want to make sure that you brush them in sections. Not doing that can cause the hair to get a bit tangled and you may end up pulling down the clip causing it to come off.


One thing I really want to point out is this middle weft! Look at how thick it is! It has a total of 3 wefts of hair. You can easily use this weft alone if you want to do a cute ponytail or cute style with a braid!


Overall, I’m extremely happy with the Irresistible Me hair extensions. The hair blended perfectly in with my own hair and my curls lasted for days and then when the curls started to fall they turned into beautiful loose waves. Another great thing about these extensions is that if you don’t want your hair to be really thick you don’t have to use all of the extensions.


I highly recommend these extensions, and would definitely purchase a pair when it’s time for a new set. When I originally selected the length I had the intentions of going to a salon and having them cut for a more custom look, but after wearing them curly I found them to be the perfect length. Now, I’m seriously considering purchasing a set so that I can do the custom cut that I have in mind.

If you’re in the market for some hair extensions, make sure to check out their site. They offer a variety of colors, lengths and grams. As well as different kinds of extensions: Silky Touch, Royal Remy, Highlights (which you can customize the colors) and Ponytails. If extensions aren’t your thing then take a look at their Full Lace Wigs, Hair Accessories and their Hair Tools.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions – $79 – $259

Belleza Kisses: 5/5