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Mitch Stone Essentials Session Spray

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Hey Belleza’s

Don’t you hate when you think you’ve found the perfect hairspray, only to find out that it’s left your hair feeling dry, stiff (imagine 80’s hair) and full of white flakes! I’ve come across my fair share of hairspray catastrophes and glad to say that I’ve finally found a hairspray that meets all my needs.

The Session Spray by Mitch Stone Essentials has been put to the test by both me and my daughter these past few months. Some of you may know that my daughter is in all-star cheerleading, so when it’s competition time she needs her hair styles to stay in place through all the jumps and cartwheels.  To be honest, it’s easy to find a hairspray that will lock her hair in place; however,  I’m not looking to make her hair rock hard.

What sets Session Spray apart from other brands is its’ ingredients made up of vitamins, minerals and oils. These ingredients work together to keep your hair soft, shiny, moisturized and locks your style in place. It also has the most amazing smell! Must be the papaya base; however, call me crazy because to me it smells like orange dreamsicle! Between me an you… sometimes I like to just spray it in the air. I’m tossing my current hair spray to the side because it’s being replaced by this. Seriously, why would I want to go back to stiff dry hair? I love how I can still run my fingers through my hair and not worrying about messing up my ‘do

For each of my daughters’ competitions, she has to do a different hair style. A few weeks ago, I had to do a ponytail full of spiral curls for her, which took me about an hour to do because she has long and super thick hair. So I’m glad that all my hard work did not go to waste! Her curly ponytail actually lasted her about two days before the curls started to fall. Boy was that ponytail put to the test! From stunts, cartwheels, running, wind and even tossing and turning at night; those curls stayed put. Not only does it work great on curly styles but it works great to keep straight styles smooth and sleek.

Mitch-Stone-Essentials-Session-Spray-ReviewHere are some pictures I posted on Snapchat

I would have to say that my favorite thing about this hairspray, is the fact that it does not give you those dreaded white flakes like most hairsprays. Even after spraying quite heavily and brushing through it, there were still no embarrassing  flakes. Uggh! Have you ever had people mistake them for dandruff?

If you have not yet tried Session Spray, then you will definitely want to add this to your list of hair products to try. I believe that if it works great on both my daughters’ hair and mine (we both have different hair textures) it will more than likely work great on all different hair textures.

Not only does Mitch Stone Essentials offer this great styling product, they have quite a few other hair products in their collection. So make sure to check out the their website.

So tell me my loves, what’s your current favorite hairspray?