PenGems Crystal Pens – Add A Little Sparkle To Your Day

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Hey Belleza’s,

Being a mommy and a blogger among many other things can be quite hectic. I’ve recently learned that staying organized with all my daily task is extremely important. Now, I like to consider my self a tech savvy person and try to keep up with most things on my computer or phone. However, there are some things that I just have to do with pen and paper. For instance, writing up my blog posts or writing down notes and ideas.

For some reason, I just feel more productive when I put the pen to the paper. That being said I have this huge infatuation with pens. I’ve been pen crazy since I was in high school. The prettier the pen and the more unique looking the better. So when I was given the chance to review some gorgeous pens from PenGems, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I can honestly say that PenGems are by far the most prettiest, sparkliest pens I’ve ever seen.


Aren’t those crystals gorgeous!?

What makes PenGems so unique? All PenGems are each filled with over 120 sparkly gorgeous crystals! Not only do they come with crystals inside of them, they also include a matching rhinestone on the end of the pen. If a rhinestone isn’t your thing, then you can select a Stylus pen which has a silicone tip that can be used on any touch screen device.


These babies are super easy to use, just simply twist the top and it will expose the top of the pen. The quality of these pens do not fall short. I find that they are very sturdy, and not too heavy. They write smooth, flawlessly and I don’t have any problems with the ink skipping or coming out in blobs.

With over 30 colors to choose from you’re bound to find a PenGem just right for you. If you can’t decide on one color then you can opt for the Rainbow PenGems option. Or if pens aren’t your thing, there are Pencil PenGems!

Here are the colors I received from her Limited Edition line:

Signature PenGems








Stylus PenGems





My daughter has claimed Amethyst and she loves the fact that it has a Stylus tip! She finds that it comes in handy when kicking my butt in Draw Something. LOL

Another great thing about these pens are that they are refillable! There are so many refill colors to choose from black, blue, pink, turquoise, bordeaux, etc. Not only do they come in a variety of shades, but they come in a variety of sizes. Refill sizes range from 0.4mm – 1.4mm and come in either ballpoint ink or gel ink. So you can truly make your PenGem your own.


Refilling the colors are super easy! Just twist off the top,


and then twist off the bottom white cap and VOILA!


I ordered several different sizes and colors of refills so I will be updating the post this week with the writing samples of them.

Looking at these pens you would think they would cost a pretty penny, but at $9 each they are super affordable, plus if you use promo code: BELLEZA you’ll save an additional 10% off your total!


(Yes I know I don’t have the best handwriting.)

Which PenGem is your favorite?

Want to win 2 of your own? Entering is super easy and there will be a total of 3 winners, 1 on Facebook and 2 on Instagram. To enter on Facebook click here and to enter on Instagram click here. Feel free to enter on both platforms! Good Luck!

PenGems – $9

PenGems Pencils – $12 (set of 12)

Belleza Kisses: 5/5