Updating My Beauty Routine with the HiMirror Plus

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Hey Belleza’s

Not too long ago, I told you about my experience with revolutionary HiMirror. Today, I get to introduce to the new and improved HiMirror Plus! If you guys don’t know by now, I love all things beauty related and I love technology. Mix those two things together and I’m putty in your hands!

Like the original HiMirror, the HiMirror Plus is super easy to set up.You can attach it to a bigger mirror, hang it on the wall (comes with tools) or it can be placed on a frame. I chose the frame option so that it can sit on my beauty table.

It is an ingenious mirror that analyzes your skin, tells you what your problem areas are, how to improve those problem areas and tracks your progress every day. It’s like having an in-home beauty consultant that lives in your mirror. The HiMirror Plus weighs about 5.5 lbs, has an HD camera (with a security cover), has facial recognition, voice login and is very sleek looking. You can operate the mirror with either hand gestures or by voice commands. Plus you can “carry” your HiMirror Plus around with you because it connects to an app on your phone!

The HiMirror Plus is full of great new updates and features to help you reach your beauty goals. In addition to being able to analyze your skin and tell you what your problem areas are, it now has LED lighting on each side of the mirror. The LED lighting will help to make sure your makeup looks fierce no matter what lighting you’re in. There are a total of 5 ambient light settings: Sunset View, Restaurant/Party Venue,Shopping Mall/Supermarket, Brightly Lit Office and Outdoors on Sunny Days.

I’ve played around with each setting and absolutely love them. The one I use the most is the Brightly Lit Office and there is definitely a difference. There would be times that I come to work and would feel like I’m looking a bit on the pale side. Thankfully that’s not an issue anymore since I now know how to adjust my makeup application. 

Another great update that was made on the HiMirror Plus is the expanded memory. Previously it only allowed for a total of 4 separate profiles; however it now allows for 6 profiles. Which means everyone in my household can use this smart mirror for their skin concerns. The expanded memory also allows you to take more photos… 12,000 more photos than before.

With the previous HiMirror, I found the hand gestures to be a bit difficult. However, now the mirror picks up my gestures very quickly so that I’m no longer left with a tired shoulder from attempting to wave so many times. Speaking of the hand gestures, they have just released the HiMirror Remote Control! I’m actually waiting on mine to come in the mail and I CANNOT wait to use it! Along with the voice control, it will definitely make navigating the this personal beauty system easier.

If you want to take your skincare up an extra few notches then you will definitely need to try the HiSkin. The HiSkin works in conjunction with the HiMirror  to help detect and analyze your skin’s hydration (skin moisture) and melanin levels (hyperpigmentation, acne scars and dark circles). You’d be surprise how small changes in your diet and exercise can affect your skin. I recently fell off of my diet (more on that later) and was back to drinking insane amounts of soda. So when I did my first scan with the HiSkin it showed just how dehydrated my skin was. I increased my water intake and cut out soda and took another scan and was surprised to see how much my hydrations levels went up.

Using the HiSkin is super easy! All you have to do is scan four areas of your face (upper cheek, lower cheek, forehead and under your eye), as well as your neck. This along with the initial skin analysis that the HiMirror does helps to create a unique skin routine. To get the full benefits of the HiSkin, it is best to use it everyday. I’m really hoping that by continuing to use this it will let me know if my acne scars are fading. 

Here you can see that my neck is very dry. That makes sense because that’s the one part of my body that I always forget to moisturize. 

My favorite features of the HiMirror Plus are the ambient lighting and the Spotify app. I love listening to music while getting ready in the morning, so being able to easily access my playlist is a bonus. If you have not yet purchased the HiMirror then I highly recommend getting the HiMirror Plus. All the upgrades and added features are a must-have. With all the beauty products that we spend money on, it’s essential to know that these products are really doing what they say they do.

You can purchase the HiMirror and the HiSkin in a bundle package to save money. If you already have the HiMirror you can purchase the HiSkin separately. Be sure to use the promo code BCLA17 to save money.

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