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What I Use to Straighten My Hair

Hey Belleza’s

I always get questions on what products I use on my hair, as well as, what I use to straighten my hair. So, I decided to do a post on it. Be prepared! There are going to be quite a few pictures.

2014-03-02 11.54.11

2014-03-02 11.53.37

For the past 6 months or so I’ve been head over heels in love with L’oreal’s Advanced Haircare line. I’ve been using the Triple Resist Reinforcing Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm.


Using these products together, leave my hair feeling very silky and smooth. I noticed an immediate difference in my hair the first time I used this line. I’ve tried tons and tons of different brands before some expensive and some not, and this is the first hair cleansing products that I have repurchased time and time again. I would be devastated if they ever discontinued this line. So now whenever they go on sale at CVS, I always make sure to stock up on them.

Once my hair is all nice and clean, I then use the Triple Resist Ultimate Strength Solution and wrap my hair. That way it can dry over night and I don’t have to use a blow dryer. Then less heat the better!


After my hair is dry (the next morning), I start my straightening process. For this I like to get nice and comfy and put on a good movie. LOL

First I spray TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray all over my hair. This works great at protecting my hair from the use of a flat-iron.


I then turn my flat-iron on, and put it on 370 degrees. The flat-iron that I use is the Solia Digital Diamond Flat Iron. I’ve been using it for years! I originally had the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron and traded it in about 6 months ago for the one that I have now.  This is definitely, my go to brand and don’t see myself using anything other than it.


20140303_163916 20140303_163857

What I love about this flat-iron, is how it leaves my hair silky soft and it only takes two passes of the flat-iron to have my hair bone straight. It doesn’t leave my hair fried or have that burn hair smell that some flat irons tend to leave behind. It can also go to a max temp of 430 degrees; however, I’ve never needed to go that high.

2014-03-02 12.14.30

2014-03-02 12.16.09

2014-03-02 12.17.34

When I straighten my hair, I like to part my hair in very small thin sections. That way I’m not trying to straighten thick sections of hair. Thick sections will require more passes of the flat-iron, which you want to try to avoid.

2014-03-02 12.24.20

Once I’m all done, I do one or two light sprays of the It’s A 10 Miracle Shine Spray and then do one last quick pass of the flat on the top section of hair.

2014-03-02 13.15.16

2014-03-02 13.14.292014-03-02 13.11.08 2014-03-02 13.12.11 2014-03-02 13.10.04

And that’s it! I do try to wrap my hair every night. Also, every other night, I do apply a little bit of the TRESemmé Keratin Treatment, but only to the ends of my hair.

Want to hear something random and weird?

Last year, not too long before my cousin got married, I dyed my hair black. About a week or two later, all of a sudden my hair started growing a really light brown color. It stayed that way for a few months and then started growing in black again. SO WEIRD! That never happened to me before, LOL! So all that brown you see in my hair isn’t hair dye.

I also do a coconut oil treatment in my hair twice a month, but I will post information about that in another post. 🙂

I would love to know what products you use in your hair! Feel free to tell me in the comments below.

Also, I’ve been trying to grow my hair for years and it just won’t grow past my shoulders. So I recently order a product by the name of Hairfinity, which from what I’ve seen has rave reviews! I did purchase a two month supply and will be posting my results with it! So excited to try them.